Feb 1st – Community Meal

Feb 1st - Community Meal

Last night at a community meal we got to pray for a young gentleman. He had his hand wrapped up in a bandage and had experienced severe swelling and pain. (His pain being at a level 10 with minimal/restricted movement in his hand). We asked him if we could pray for him, and asked if any of his friends would like to pray with us, one friend said yes… we then proceeded to pray and it was a such a simple prayer. Basically something like this : “Pain GO in Jesus name. Hand be healed, restored RIGHT NOW in Jesus name”. His pain had dropped from a level 10 to a level 3 and movement in his hand was dramatically improved. The look on his face being pure shock and amazement. We asked if we could pray again for it to drop all the way to 0 and he said absolutely yes. What really encouragement us was the fact that his friend (who we asked earlier to join us in prayer) rallied up their other 2 friends and together the 3 of them prayed for their friend’s hand. SO RAD!!! The pain had left COMPLETELY and FULL MOVEMENT of his hand was restored!!! UNMISTAKABLY HEALED!! That is the incredible power and healing of our Jesus!!!
I love the way that He pursues us, I love that healing is HIS thing and that we simply get to partner. I love that He is faithful. I love that He is real!