Who We Are

Our church family  thrives on relationship.  We do not need agreement to enjoy intimacy with each other.   However, this is what we believe, more or less.

Jesus’ righteous life, his death and his resurrection make it possible for us to enter the kingdom of God through repentance.

We believe that living in relationship with the king is an invitation to live as Jesus lived;  serving, sacrificing and even suffering as we engage the kingdoms of this world.  We choose to do this as Jesus did to bring redemption to a lost and hurting world.

We believe that we have been commissioned to bring the kingdom  of God to earth as it is in heaven.

This expression of the kingdom must include the ability to hear God’s voice (prophecy), supernatural signs and wonders (healings, miracles, etc.) and an insatiable love toward our fellow man manifesting itself in loving service.

We believe that there is a seasonal nature to relationship with a loving Father – a loving Father who wishes to share his glory with us.  He gives us identity, gifts, and authority which develop over time and will have different emphasis at different seasons in our lives.

We believe that anything we do in service to our King  is undertaken from a place of intimacy with Jesus through the counsel and comfort of the Holy Spirit.  We hear his voice as we study Scripture and as he speaks to us today as a friend.

The Dwelling Place is a safe community where those who have been betrayed, abandoned, and rejected can find family and find life.  We will cry with you, we will laugh with you, we will worship with you, we will live with you.